About Us


The Sleepy Leaf Tea Truth

Sleepy Leaf - Infuser, the essential tool to make the perfect leaf tea100% natural whole leaf teas. That is what Sleepy Leaf is all about! We only sell our products online and on this very wesbite. We strive to provide leaf tea that has the very best taste and quality. We use only 100% natural tea leaves and it's these amazing fresh ingredients and young leaves that provide the very best tasting tea. You will never go back to those tea bags again!

Here at Sleepy Leaf you can make selecting and buying your tea simple. We offer the best quality leaf tea right here and you can buy online and get it delivered right to your door.


The Sleepy Leaf Tea Dream

Sleepy Leaf - We dream we're all drinking leaf teaThe dream is that one day when someone says "lets have a cup of tea" they will bring out the fresh leaf tea and leave the teabags where they are! No, we're realistic - we all love a good standard cuppa made with our favourite tea bags - but we do hope that tea lovers will try the wide range of amazing tea the World has to offer. There really is a tea for every occasion.

The delicious tastes and health benefits make tea a wonderful beverage - much better than the unhealthy alternatives. We want to introduce people to the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of leaf teas.


The Sleepy Leaf Tea Philosophy

Sleepy Leaf - Tea Plantation bring us the freshest leaf teaSourcing quality leaf tea is the first step to help make tea growers be sustainable. When quality tea is bought then the prices the tea growers get will be above that of what the big brands will pay. This will help the tea growers in India, China, Sri Lanka, Kenya and the rest of the World earn more money by growing high quality.

Here at Sleepy Leaf we will only ever buy our leaf tea from growers who have the same philosophy as us. That way our quality is guaranteed!