Black Tea

The world’s best black teas are whole leaf and available right here to buy online from Sleepy Leaf! Produced in India, Sri Lanka and China they are some of the best available. They are assertive and robust and their balance of flavour allows them to be enjoyed with or without milk.

Black tea is a fully fermented variety of tea that comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant that oolong and green teas are made from. The process of making loose black tea involves withering then rolling of the tea leaves followed by a long period of fermentation. Then the black tea leaves are fired resulting in a loose leaf black tea with a complex yet recognisable smell and full-bodies, strong flavour.

Making loose leaf black teas tea usually requires hot water at 100ºC, 1.5 tsp of loose tea per 250ml of water and an infusion time of 3-4 minutes. Obviously everyone is different and you can infuse for longer if you want a stronger black tea!

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