Infusion Guide


Sleepy Leaf - Infusion TeapotWe know making tea with leaves can seem a little confusing at times so here at Sleepy Leaf we have created a very simple guide to how hot, how much and for how long you need to infuse your tea. The table below is a nice and simple guide for beginners and experts to keep in the kitchen!

All this information is just a guide for what we feel will give you the best taste possible, but you should always experiment yourself as this will help you find the taste you love!

One final little tip: If you want a stronger cup of tea then add more tea rather than increasing the infusion time otherwise your tea may end up tasting bitter.


Type of Tea Temp Hot (tsp) Iced (tsp) Infusion Time (mins)
Black Tea 100C 1 2 3-7
White Tea 80C 1.5 3 4-5
Green Tea 80C 1 2 2-4
Oolong Tea 90C 2 2 1-3
Blooming Tea 85C 1 2 3-4
Flavoured White Tea 80C 1.5 3 2
Flavoured Green Tea 80C 1 2 2
Rooibos Tea 100C 1.5 3 5-6 (hot) / 8-15 (iced)
Mate Tea 100C 1.5 3 5-6 (hot) / 8-15 (iced)
Herbal Tea 100C 1.5 3 5-6 (hot) / 8-15 (iced)