Sleepy Leaf

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  • Blood Orange Tea
    Blood Orange Black Tea. This scented tea is based on a blend of China Teas and Ceylon Teas. A very colourful exotic looking tea combining black tea with bright orange peel and red safflowers. Natural flavours of fresh, sweet and tangy Italian oranges sets the scene for this refreshing tea and remind..
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  • Chamomile Tea
    Chamomile that is grown on the Egyptian plains. This has a remarkable calming effect, for which it is well known and is great for helping a good night's sleep. A light and bright liquor with distinctive taste, perfect for late evenings. Also totally caffeine free. Brew with water that is freshly ..
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  • Earl Grey Supreme
    Our Earl Grey Supreme is a blend of the finest Keemun, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam scented with the delicate aroma of the Bergamot fruit. The leaf is large and well blended, giving a light and bright liquor with a beautifully fragrant liquor. A light scattering of cornflowers adds to the visual app..
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  • English Breakfast Classic
    Our English Breakfast Tea is blended from the finest Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling teas by our expert blenders. This orthodox and large CTC blend has an even sized slightly mixed leaf giving a traditional malty flavour with a full body background. A prefect premium replacement for those tea bags! ..
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  • Gunpowder Pinhead
    Gunpowder Pinhead green tea, from the Anhui province in Eastern China, this is a well made and world renowned tea. The tea is manufactured using steam and rolling equipment to roll the leaf in to green balls that open up when steeped. It has a greenish dry golden liquor much appreciated throughout t..
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  • Jasmine Blossom Green
    Jasmine Blossom Green is classed by the Chinese as Jasmine Number 1 this green tea has all the flavour, aroma and great qualities but not the high price. The secret is high quality green tea and fine jasmine blossoms which only bloom in May when they produce the most intense aroma. Jasmine Tea is..
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