Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are a speciality of Southeast China and Taiwan. The production of oolong teas is long and complex and involves great skill. They offer a profusion of flavours from light notes of fresh flowers to darker, more richly textured roasted hazels and chocolate.

Oolong is also known as wulong (or wu long) tea and is often served in Chinese restaurants. Similar to green teas, oolong teas also originate from the Camellia Sinensis plant and undergo similar processing steps. However, after the tea leaves are picked, they are intentionally bruised by shaking. While the leaves are drying, the edges of the bruised leaves turn reddish in colour and the surface becomes light yellow due to fermentation and oxidation. After some fermentation period the tea leaves are pan fired to create a semi-fermented tea. Buy oolong tea online today from Sleepy Leaf and you love what we have to offer!

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