Orange Blossom Oolong

Orange Blossom Oolong

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Orange Blossom Oolong Tea. Loose Leaf Orange Blossom is an unusual Formosa Oolong from Taiwan. Beautifully twisted speciality leaves with tip picked in July. Flavoured with Orange Blossom to create a fine very popular enjoyable liquor. Orange Blossom oolong tea also makes a refreshing and exotic iced tea.

Formosa, now called Taiwan, is the world’s greatest producer of Oolong (or Wu-long) teas. These delicious, biscuity, toasty, semi-fermented teas are half-way between black and green tea. The leaves are bruised and exposed to the air to oxidise for a short while, then baked to arrest the process. This produces a delicate tea but one that is full of flavour.

Brew with boiled water at a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees and leave to infuse for 1 to 3 minutes.

Extra Information
Tastes... Wonderfully round with citrus and jasmine tones
Good If... You want a special unique tasting tea
It's served best... Without milk and worth trying different infusion times to get the taste you want
It's from... Sri Lanka and Taiwan
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