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Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 13 May 2014Tuesday, 13 May, 2014

We have been looking at adding some new products to our range. At the moment our range of teas is only small, but I'm sure if you taste them you'll realise how great they all are!

I'm sure, as a tea lover, you will have heard about matcha green tea powder and all of it's amazing health benefits. You can drink it obviously but you can also even cook with it to make many foods super powered! We're hoping to add matcha green tea to our range at Sleepy Leaf in the near future as we think it's something that really can make life-changing improvements to everyones health and well-being. As always it would be great to hear any feedback you have on any of our teas, our service, our website and anything we can do to make our service to you better!

As it's summer I'm really looking forward to trying some summer tea drinks - tea really can be used for so many different types of drink it seems such a waste most people only drink it in one way. It's like only ever visiting one single shop everyday for your entire life when there is a whole world of different shops to experience out there! Go tea!



Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 18 April 2014Friday, 18 April, 2014

Keeping fit and staying healthly should always be in our minds. Personally I like to think that a balanced diet is the best way to do this and whilst I will happily have a steak and chunky chips I will make sure that in the same week I have a healthy meal with fresh salad and lots of other healthy goodess! What you drink should be the same - whilst I love to have a fresh coffee or a Coca Cola I try to also drink natural, fresh, healthy drinks such as water, skimmed milk and of course green, oolong and white teas.

Tea is an amazing thing - no really - it's benefits are truely fantastic and help us live a better life. By drinking just a single mug of green, white or oolong tea a day you will lower your blood pressure, be more relaxed, lower you chances of certain types of cancer and just generally feel better about yourself! If you are new to drinking tea without milk or sugar then I would recommend two teas to get you started that will help you feel amazing - our Japan Sencha green tea and our Goddess of Mercy oolong tea. Both of these teas are easy to drink and really refreshing - go on give them a go!



Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 1 April 2014Tuesday, 1 April, 2014

Sleepy Leaf has had quite a few mentions in the media over the last few weeks since our launch. This is all good news as the support of the many magazines and online news portals is vital for any new business to grow. The competition in the tea business online is now stronger than ever, there are so so many places to buy tea online it can be difficult to get noticed. Unlike companies likes teapigs we do not have one of the largest UK companies secretly backing us - Sleepy Leaf really is just a small, very personal online tea shop!

If you are reading this and have any questions about us, tea or buying tea online then please drop us an email - we would love to hear from you! Anyone who has interesting questions will be sent some exclusive discount codes - and maybe even some free tea! Shhh don't tell too many people! This month is the start of Spring and hopefully for all us Brits, the start of the nicer weather, so green teas like our Jasmine Blossom and Japan Sencha are a perfect drink to relax with. It won't be too long before you'll all be able to start testing out our tea cocktails - the Green Tea Mojito is a personal favourite!



Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 8 March 2014Saturday, 8 March, 2014

I thought I would share with you all a photo of of finished packaging! Each of our teas are packaged in sealed paper stand-up pouches that are foil lined to ensure your tea is kept in perfect condition and is as fresh as possible. As the pouches can be re-sealed you can keep your tea fresh for as long as you need and show off your Sleepy Leaf tea collection to all your friends!

I have been busy on our social media sites this last week and this means you can now find us on Google+, facebook, twitter and Pinterest! I hope you will take the time to go and have a look at these sites and maybe give us a cheeky "like" or "follow" as you will be seeing exclusive discount codes, competitions and product news! That's all for this update, I'm just going to have some feet-up time with a cup of our English Breakfast Tea.



Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 1 March 2014Saturday, 1 March, 2014

The website has been officially launched today! It's great news after the work that has been put in to making it but the work is far from over. I'm sure anyone who has had a website will know it's a very tough task to get your site noticed and seen amongst all the competition. The competition is tough - there are many great tea websites out there already, but also there are lots we think we can better! I wouldn't have made Sleepy Leaf if I thought we couldn't offer something different to the rest. The Sleepy Leaf brand is being pushed over facebook, twitter, Google+ and through Google itself of course but these things will take time. I just hope that we are able to find the customers that have been searching for us. The final part of pulling everything together was designing the labels for the lovely tea - I hope you like the designs! You can see them on each product page and hopefully as soon as I get some time I will do some more tea photo shoots and get some of the full product. Anyway - it's time for a celebration drink so I am going to have a cup or two of our very own Gunpowder Pinhead green tea! Yum!


Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 11 February 2014

Tuesday, 11 February, 2014

I've been really busy this last month working on the website and other things such as the packaging for the tea. It's taken up a lot of time but I hope it will all be worth it. One thing that took me a long time was the photography for the tea - it may look quite straightforward but it took quite a few days and a few classic James Bond films to get me through it all! I'm not sure Sean Connery has anything other than Champagne and Martini in the films but you never know - he was a Brit of course so maybe he had some Scottish Breakfast Tea!

I, however, have had plenty of tea and have been sampling many different teas from all over the World looking to find the best teas I can possibly find for you to taste here at Sleepy Leaf. One very simple change I have made at home is swapping my old tea bags for our Keemun Lupin black tea. I find the change in quality quite remarkable from the stuff you can buy at the supermarket. Certainly if you are not sure where to start with leaf tea then that is a simple change that will really make a difference.


Sleepy Leaf - Blog - 1 January 2014


Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

I'm looking forward to receiving a new batch of leaf tea samples in the coming weeks. Only the very best will be made for sale at Sleepy Leaf, I really do hope you will love the tea as much as I do!