Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Sleepy Leaf - The Difference Between Loose Tea and Tea BagsAt Sleepy Leaf Tea we only sell high quality, loose leaf tea.

There are a number of reasons why, but quality is the main one. Loose leaf teas and teas in bags all originate from the same plant but there are a few things that influence the quality, taste and longevity of the tea you end up drinking. High quality loose teas are made from the tea plant’s finest buds, whole tea leaves, large pieces of leaves or a combination of all of these. Growing conditions and the time of the year also affect the quality of tea. Just like in wine, all these different aspects add distinctive flavors and characteristics to your tea.

The tea found in tea bags is just the dust and smaller pieces of tea leaves which may allow for the tea to be brewed quicker, but losing much of the tastes found in loose leaf teas. Many loose teas can even be re-infused (basically used again) to make extra cups of tea without losing the quality - in fact often increasing the taste! Loose leaf tea will always taste the best.

Sleepy Leaf - Loose Tea in BowlsTea bags can also release more tannins than loose leaf teas which can give a harsher flavour to the tea. You can, however, use your loose leaf tea in tea bags to have the best of both Worlds! At the moment Sleepy Leaf does not sell any tea in tea bags but this may change in the future.

One final note: always keep your leaf tea in a good container. Ideally you should use a tin or resealable packet (just like the one you get with your Sleepy Leaf tea!).